Who should take the Passive House Designer course?

Our Passive House training courses are aimed at Canadian building professionals and planners, including architects, engineers, builders, designers and tradespersons who wish to dramatically improve the energy and environmental performance of their new-build or renovation projects. We welcome pre- or post-grad students of architecture/engineering and also motivated homeowners or self-builders. We don’t set formal pre-requisites for entry, but if you’re concerned that your background or qualifications are not sufficient please contact the course presenter to discuss your situation.

What are the course fees and what is included?

Please see individual course pages for fees and what is included. Not included is the PHPP design software and handbook, which retails separately at $260 (inc. GST, P&P), and is available from this website.

Can I get support on my passive house project after the course is finished?

CanPHI does not offer consulting services, but can connect you with professionals in your area. During the course you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get to know the other participants, and to network. Passive House project collaborations are already underway across Canada between our previous course participants.

How many participants will be at each course?

In order that the trainers can give each participant sufficient attention and assistance in solving problems, we’ll limit course attendance to 25 persons. The minimum number of participants is expected to be 14.

What are the course pre-requisites?

We don’t set formal pre-requisites, but due to the technically challenging nature of Passive House design it’s important that participants come to the course ready to see a lot of learning material in a short time. In our experience the most important pre-requisite is enthusiasm for the subject, not formal education background. We cover a lot of construction techniques, and some building science in the course.  If you think your background knowledge is insufficient for you to get the most out of the course, email the course presenter to discuss this directly.

What can I expect at the course?

Expect to learn a great deal in a short length of time! We’ll start at 8.30am each day and work through until 5.00pm, with frequent breaks and discussions, as well as problem solving sessions and interactive learning.

How do I become a Certified Passive House Designer?

The aim of this course is to teach you how to build compliant Passive Houses in Canada. There are two different routes to achieving the International professional designation ‘Certified Passive House Designer’, and therefore getting listed on this website and on the worldwide database of Passive House design professionals (http://www.passivhausplaner.eu). These two options are either:

1. Pass the 3-hour formal exam set four times annually by the Passivhaus Institut (PHI) in Germany, and which CanPHI now offers via several times per year via this website


2. Act as the Passive House designer on a house or other building which achieves the energy performance and other requirements laid out in the Passive House Standard, and which is therefore approved as a Certified Passive House. Please note: this option is MUCH more difficult than the exam!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your participation for any reason after payment, we’ll reimburse you 85% of the course fee up until 1 month before the course. If you cancel after this date we’ll ask that you re-schedule your participation onto another course.

If the course itself is cancelled for any reason, it will either be rescheduled in collaboration with you and the other participants, or course fees will be refunded in full.

Become a Passive House Expert

Take our Professional Certification Course and become an expert on the world’s most advanced energy efficient building standard: The Passive House Standard.